Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Keeper of Secrets and Things

"Keeper of Secrets and Things"

Keeper of Secrets is just that. He is very wise and is known to be trusted with the many mysterious secrets of the forest realm. The "and Things" is that he will watch over personal belongings while you are away on your adventures into the unknown.
He is sculpted with a mixture of clays into a conch shell and has many things to mind....... potion bottles, nuts, pods, crystals, a magic mushroom, a talisman and he is looking after someone's pet dove among many other treasures.
He measures 9 inches to the top of his roots and 12 inches to the top of his branches. $295

Keeper of Secrets and Things now lives in Edmonton. sold

Yes, you can drink from them!

These goblets have been hand painted. I then sculpted a mixture of clays onto the glass giving them medieval flare. Each goblet has been embellished with eight round white crystals. The balloon goblet on the right has four oval cabochons.
A matte finish has been applied to the clay which seals it and makes them water resistant.
Care instructions come with each one. Both goblets are 9 inches tall.
$85 each       Both goblets are now SOLD

Goblin Goblets

Everyone should have their own special wine glass to sip their favourite beverage from.
It adds a personal touch when your glass has the colour, shape and style that you really like.
I have sculpted the glasses in such a way that makes them feel very comfortable while you holding them in your hand.
Each goblet comes with the story explaining why they called Goblin Goblets and care instructions.
My medieval designs manifest a feeling of royalty, and isn't that what you deserve at the end of a long week?
$68 each   These goblets are now all sold