Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yes, you can drink from them!

These goblets have been hand painted. I then sculpted a mixture of clays onto the glass giving them medieval flare. Each goblet has been embellished with eight round white crystals. The balloon goblet on the right has four oval cabochons.
A matte finish has been applied to the clay which seals it and makes them water resistant.
Care instructions come with each one. Both goblets are 9 inches tall.
$85 each       Both goblets are now SOLD


  1. These are stunning, astonishing, and wonderful. What a great idea and how beautiful your work is.

  2. Judy - Wow, how nice of you to say so. You make me want to make more!!!! They are fun for me to sculpt and they are all different.
    You know, anything tastes better in these goblets, even Kool-Aid.lol. But I suggest a splash of wine for that special toast!!! :)