Monday, December 14, 2015

Celtic Medieval Style Goblet

 This glamorous wine goblet has wonderful detail and textures and is truly a one of a kind art piece.

This art piece took many hours to create. Hand painting the goblet, sculpting the design, adding a metallic patina to give the goblet an aged look of worn pewter, then the final step of sealing the art work to protect it.
Two large round Emerald Crystals, two Sapphire Blue Crystals and four sparkling round White Crystals are beautiful accents. The glass is hand painted amethyst and moss green and is safe to drink from.

I have signed it on the bottom and it has my signature heart that I place on all my artwork. This goblet measures 8 inches tall and 10 inches around the widest part of the bowl.

I think everyone should have their own special wine goblet to sip their favourite beverage from. A personal touch is added when your goblet has the colour, shape and style that you really like.


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