Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Mulligan will be joining me at my 2014 shows this year!
He's been a big help keeping everyone's spirits up during all these nasty snowy, cold days. Winter, it would seem is extra long this year. Mulligan tried to talk to that grumpy old groundhog but he just wasn't listening. I hope you are all keeping warm and I am looking forward to seeing you when the warmer weather finally does arrive. I will post the shows I will be in very soon.
Until then Cheers and Smiles to you all,



With his full mane of moss and miller and his warm gentle smile, Liam is a character I loved creating.
He has a heart of gold and a natural instinct to protect those close to him. 

He is sculpted into a large pine cone and measures nine inches tall.  $135 Sold


Meet Chicory, he's part my Pixie Stix series and lives in the studio of Kismet Clay Designs..... for now!! 
$156 sold

"Charming Charlipillar"

Charming Charlipillar in all his flamboyance!


"Jest Thinking"

I had fun creating this guy with his bright whimsical colours. He's thinking about something, not quite sure what, but at least it's putting a smile on his face. He looks like a character from the front but you can clearly see from the back he was created using two shells.
He's 5" tall and 6"across. $168

"Eggs with Legs"

My wicked, creepy, nastiness seems to have come the surface when I created these guys with their mischievous evil smiles!!
These creepy cool shakers were sculpted around a hand blown egg. When you shake them you can hear the peppercorns that are inside each one rolling around.. Kind of like mini maracas!    $45 each plus shipping

Snicker Snack Toadstools


Snicker Snacks or Snacker Snicks; it really doesn’t matter how you say it. These nasty Shrooms are from the blackest bogs along Willows Bend.
Not all things in the phantasy world are good-natured, and I will tell you without a word of a lie, no "toad" has ever survived trying to make a "stool" out of these guys!
They are 31/2" high.
All of these toadstools are Sold.
I will take orders for them!


These grumpy Greenies are part of the “Stinkmore” family. They are a cross between a Hushroom and a Splant and always have a look as though they’ve just eaten something very sour. You will know if you to happen upon one or there is a clump of them close by as they have the nastiest stink of all stinks you can imagine. Watch where you step on your lawn or in your garden for if you
happen to squish, squash or just plain flatten one they will “stink more” and bring tears to your eyes!!
Their camouflaged colouring and plant like protrusions make it very hard to spot them so do be very careful as once your sniffer has snuft the vile scent of these Greenies it will never sniff the same again!!! Sold

"Oak Leaf Grunge Pot"

 There are lots of interesting colours and texture in this OOAK Grunge Pot. It has the look of dusty tarnished pewter. When a candle is placed inside it transforms and gives off a beautiful warm glow. $85 Sold

"Crabby Rabbits"

  It's a "Bad Hare" day here at Kismet Clay Designs.
These crabby rabbits are unimpressed that they have to keep their winter coats because it's still freezing cold outside!!!