Monday, March 26, 2012

Pine Glumph

Only on the latest days of spring can Glumphs be found in the Glens of Burnie. They will be cradling in the crooks and elbows of pine trees and very much camouflaged by the natural mosses and bark of the forest, you won’t easily find them. When the morning suns rays filter through the pine needles it wakes them and they turn towards it. You must be so very quiet and search every tree and every branch carefully and just maybe you will see their white freckled faces smiling as they bask in the warmth and comfort of the light.
16 inches high by 8 inches wide
$135   Sold

Lizzy of the Sea

I sculpted Lizzy on two black murex shells. I build her character up by adding roots mosses and snail shells. Her crown has small crystals in the shape of teardrops and circles and her brooch has an oval pearl and two small white crystals. She sits perfectly balanced in a stand that holds a cracked glass bowl filled with sand.  
She is 12 inches tall and 41/2 inches wide.

$125        Lizzy is Sold and is now living in Brampton

Three Quartz

Three Quartz
I created this sculpture using polymer clay and many other fun things.
Rope, shells, moss and other cool finds
from along the shores of Cape Ann have been used to embellish his appearance.
He is protecting three unique and powerful quartz stones that are very precious to him. Don't even try to pinch one as he will snarl and snap and you may find you’re missing a finger when you pull back.
He is part of my Nasty or Nice series.
11" tall and 8" long. 

"Three Quartz holds the keys.... but which one is it to start your adventure?"