Monday, October 19, 2009

Twig Thrones

These are a couple of thrones that I made from twigs, dried foliage, some jute twine and shells.........and some comfy spanish mosses. They are about 7inches
tall and wide. $45 Sold

Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Faerie Wands"

I made these wands from real poppy seed pods, clay
and crystals or glass drops. I found that by adding
stripes it made them feel more whimsical.
$20 - $25 sold


Are they magic or good luck?
Maybe spells will run amuck
But if you are indeed in doubt
Turn one over and find out!
$15 Sold

"Pine Spirits"

These hanging ornaments were made using
pine cones, clay, hematite beads and moss.
Each one definitely has its own personality.

I have just started making twig nest/thrones (nests with a luxurious back added).
Here is one of my Sprikens sitting proudly in his new throne.
It's wonderful making things from what nature provides us with.