Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nana Murex Shelligan

The very gentle Nana Murex was created from a large, highly textured Murex shell and a mixture of coloured clays. Her smiling face is framed with ruffles and her eyes sparkle with
a warmth that makes you feel as if you have known her forever. She is 5"high by 6"wide.


Bathing Beauty

"Bathing Beauty" is sitting comfortably in a welk shell with a tibia shell wrapped proudly around her head. I created her using a mixture of coloured clays and embellished her with "faux" and clay pearls much to her shigrin as she would rather the real thing!
She comes with a metal stand that has a cracked glass dish filled with sand to display her. From the tip of her tibia to the base of the stand she is 12".

$85 sold

Sea Schnook

I sculpted Sea Schnook using many interesting sea "things" to create the effect I wanted.
She has a large and small crown murex shells for her body and head. I used coral, abalone, mini snails along with a sea fan, moss and of course clay to bring out her character.

Sea Schnook comes with a metal stand that has a cracked glass dish holding sand and pebbles to display her. She is 11" from the top of her shell to the base of the stand.

$85 sold