Friday, May 29, 2009

Dragonfly Vases

Dragonfly Vases are a one of a kind art piece.
Each vase is hand painted. Clay is then sculpted onto the painted glass to create metal looking flowers, leaves and vine designs.
Whimsical dragonflies are then applied bringing life to the vase.When the clay has hardened a patina is added giving the vase its lustre.


Palm Dragons

Palm Dragons are the smallest dragons in the world.
They are so small they could curl up comfortably in the
palm your hand.
Always on their guard they wrap themselves tightly around their favourite found treasure; with their tails perfectly curled to
show off its magnificence!
A seashell or a river stone, or even a colourful piece of glass
is all it takes to keep these little creatures happy.
Palm Dragons are one of a kind miniature clay sculptures.
They have hematite eyes and their bodies are embellished with
shells, semi-precious gem stones or glass beads.
$20 - $68  Please check my Etsy store for available dragons!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Goblin Goblets

Deep in the Glens of Burnie live many interesting creatures and beasties.
Among them are the Moon Goblins!

Just after dusk ‘til long before dawn, the Moon Goblins emerge from their lairs among the bulrushes, humming and chanting their secret rituals. An enchanted expression falls upon their faces as they sip potions from ancient goblets and chalices, that I am sure their ancestors had stolen from kings and queens of long ago.
No one knows exactly what they celebrate. Nor, has anyone ever overheard what they chant. You see, our ears are not as delicately tuned as theirs, and perhaps it’s just as well.
After each gathering the goblets and chalices are left behind, hidden among the rushes, beside rocks and under branches. If your timing is right and you are lucky enough to find one, I have only a single suggestion. Beware! Sip only the occasional potion from its rim, for it has touched goblin lips!
Most prefer to use their goblet or chalice as a luminaire, using a tea candle or floating candle inside, while others protect their treasure, displaying it as a rare and unique art piece.
Above all protect it from goblin eyes!
The Moon Goblins will now be attracted to your lair and will try to steal back what is theirs. ©
$45 - $68 Sold

Wild Mushrooms

I was just having some fun
with clay colours and these
"Wild Mushrooms" arrived!

$10 each  Sold

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Socks!

Ziggy is overjoyed with her new stripped socks! Almost anything she has ever owned has had spots or dots of some kind all over it.
Stripes are in - and Ziggy loves stripes so much so that she knitted a pair of socks for herself with blue. purple and black , her favourite colours!
She is sculpted out of clay and has multiple coloured washes. Ziggy measures 8" long from ear tip to toe tip.

$55 Sold

Sea Mystere

Deep in the mysterious sea is the Sea Mystere. This is a new discovery so there is not much info on it.
We do know that he is made up of two mottled whelk shells, a claw, lots of moss and very small snails.
The adult measures 5" high.
$55 Sold

Janice Shelligan

Janice was created using a mixture of clay and murex shell. She is embellished with moss mini snail shells, coral and her eyes are hematite.
She proudly holds a staff that has mother of pearl and quartz embedded in the top.
Janice is 41/4" from her feet to the top of her coral.
$68 sold

Snicker Snack Toadstool

Snicker Snacks or Snacker Snicks; it really doesn’t matter how you say it. These nasty Shrooms are from the blackest bogs along Willows Bend.
Not all things in the phantasy world are good-natured, and I will tell you without a word of a lie, no "toad" has ever survived trying to make a "stool" out of these guys! He is 31/2" high.
$55 sold

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dragon Tibias

These new characters are called
"Dragon Tibias".
I have sculpted them individually out of a mixture of coloured clays, then I embellish them with semi-precious stones, crystals, or beads. Their eyes are made of hematite.
I have formed them around a "tibia shell" and they have a hemp string so they can hang on a tree, wreath or a cabinet handle. There are many differant places they could make themselves at home!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Whimsical Clay Characters and Creatures

Welcome to my blog everyone. You will now be able to see my work here rather then me e-mailing you individually.
I will keep you up to date on what's new in my sculptures and what shows I will be attending.